Technology Design for Transformation

Empowering Societies and Businesses to Prosper

Video talk from the INTERACT conference about the research on Social Influence Scale for Technology Design and Transformation by Prof. Agnis Stibe and Brian Cugelman, PhD.

Highly recommended for:

  • transformation

  • nudge

  • behavior design

  • gamification

  • social change

  • influence

  • technology

  • science

  • business

practitioners and scholars!

This work on social influence in transforming technology ultimately empowers people and organizations to succeed in their desired and more often even inevitable changes. Scholars and practitioners of human-computer interaction and behavioral computer science can now benefit from novel ways to design technology that helps people not only to achieve their goals, but also to support sustaining their newly developed habits. The proposed social influence scale is extending possibilities for designers to overcome limitations of traditional change management and behavioral designs.

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