New Profession - Wellbeing Ambassador

The overall long-term wellbeing of the society will be driven by technologies that have been ethically designed and well-intended.

In the future, social engineering is expected to become just as natural in our everyday lives as internet already is for many. Internet was unknown, unfamiliar and scary to us in the early days, as it is the human nature to be alarmed about everything that is new. That is why people often take a very cautious view on many modern technologies. Indeed, there is a possibility that they have been developed by people with bad intentions. Nevertheless, Agnis Stibe, professor of ESLSCA Business School Paris and social engineer, believes that this fear will gradually disappear and there will be ever more examples of ethically developed and properly used technologies creating significant innovations that contribute to growth. «Any state and local government body that looks after people and their wellbeing at any level, needs at least one social engineer or wellbeing ambassador whose daily task would be solely reviewing and developing society wellbeing processes, and connecting them to technological innovations, which essentially are being purposefully developed in order to move into the direction of wellbeing», he explains.

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