Mastering Transformation
Mastering Transformation
Blending technological innovations with demystified human nature to empower positive transformations at scale.
— Prof. Agnis Stibe

With us you will:

  • Permanently increase your profit margin.

  • Enhance your organizational culture and performance.

  • Profoundly improve your decision-making.

  • Demystify transformation and make it work for you.

  • Apply 8 transforming tools to your business problems.

  • Practice business and life-changing transformations.

  • Experience your own personal paradigm shifts.

  • Learn to induce lasting change.

Prof. Agnis Stibe

  • Mastering transformation on 5 continents.

  • Engaging audiences that now exceed 60K+ people.

  • Global thought leader on science-driven transformation.

  • Founder of Transforming Wellbeing Theory.

  • Worked for Fortune 100, incl. Hewlett-Packard and Oracle.

  • Prestigious awards from MIT (USA) and Nokia (Finland).

  • Advisor for ETH (Switzerland) and Sanitarium (Australia).

  • TEDx talks continue gaining global popularity.




Persuasive Cities. (MIT, 2016. Photo: Matthias Wunsch)

What is in the Box? (The Netherlands, 2016)

What is in the Box? (The Netherlands, 2016)

Space for a Single Rider/Driver on Streets. (Latvia, 2014)

Space for a Single Rider/Driver on Streets. (Latvia, 2014)

Science & Practice

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Transforming Wellbeing Theory

Transforming Wellbeing Theory (TWT) is emerging as an inevitable response to the ever-growing imbalance in our lives across the globe. Over the decades, we have been advancing technologies to make our lives better. The fundamental question still remains: with all the evolving innovations, are we gaining decent success in achieving happier and more sustainable societies? Every crucial domain of our lives continuously provides evidence of how things are getting imbalanced despite us making huge progress in building increasingly capable technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and drones, just to name a few. The TWT advances scientific knowledge and its practical applications to transform lives. Due to its strong fundament that intertwines technological innovations with human nature, the theory is applicable in many essential life contexts, including health, education, sustainability, equality, governance, safety, emergency, management, marketing, ecology, economy, and dwelling. This work also includes a transforming framework with 8 applicable tools that are sharpened for immediate use.

Prof. Agnis Stibe

Global thought leader on science-driven transformation and founder of TRANSFORMS.ME, visiting 5 continents with countless events exceeding 60K+ audiences. At Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he established research on Persuasive Cities that encourage healthy and sustainable transformations. In his vision, business acceleration and societal wellbeing can be achieved through purposefully designed innovations that successfully blend technological advancements with human nature. At ESLSCA Business School Paris, he continues leveraging socio-psychological theories in creation of sustainable transformations towards wellbeing and accelerated businesses. Worked for Fortune 100 companies, including Hewlett-Packard and Oracle. Received multiple awards, also from the MIT Media Lab (USA) and Nokia Foundation (Finland). Serves on several advisory boards, including ETH Library Lab (Switzerland) and Sanitarium Health & Wellbeing (Australia). His work is an outstanding example and firm evidence on how science can help transforming life and organizations. His 3 TEDx talks continue gaining global popularity.

We are social beings by nature, and have been for ages.
Today, technologies enable new ways to shrink the world by bringing us closer together. While such innovations often serve as media channels, they can also be purposefully designed to transform our lives.
— Prof. Agnis Stibe