Mastering Transformation
Mastering Transformation

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Helps people to acquire basic understanding of what transformation is, how it works, its essential ingredients, applications, and scientific evidence behind its powerfulness. Many visually rich photo and video examples provoke many audiences to experience personal revelations about transforming processes and simplified dynamics that make such permanent changes possible. "Oh, yeah, that's right" and "aha, that's why" are just some of the phrases commonly slipping out in the air above the excited and engaged listeners, simply evidencing that transformation has started right there and then. So, see you soon!


Helps participants gaining deeper understanding of transformation through a hands-on masterclass to experience transforming design or series of dedicated workshops to solve actual real-life challenges that you are currently struggling with. For an event like this, you should do a simple homework - fill in your exiting challenges using the defining transformation template. Once you have at least one of you cases defined in the template, send it over and your transformation can start.


Helps to collaboratively uncover actual roots of your challenges and address them in a personalized manner. Although, human nature has many common patterns across wide spectrum of areas in our lives and businesses, the success of every transformation still fundamentally depends on the ability to find that specific uniqueness in each of your situations. What makes your case really outstanding? Usually, that just one or two significant attitudinal barriers in the minds of some people. Now, the mastery is to find, define, and address them professionally. So, let's do it.

transforming Anything Is Possible

Once you feel like transforming something in any of the areas above and beyond, take that feeling as a permission to start doing it no matter what others might think and say as judgements. Others can not see your inner feeling and might not fully get it even when you would try describing it, so you are left with your passion and desire to make that transformation succeed because of you.

And we are here to help you!

What kind of transformation you can achieve?


City innovation

Urban mobility

Responsible dwelling

Resource awareness

Co-creation at scale



Sustainable choices


Climate actions

Human rights


Increasing profit margin

Customer conversion and retention

Growth mindset

Staff performance and efficiency

Change management and transitions


Member engagement and participation

Volunteering and donating

Organizing and facilitating

Tutoring and mentorship

Sponsorship and supportiveness


Mastering balance

Health and wellbeing

Self-development goals

Dreams and desires

New Year's resolutions


Emotional intelligence


Trust and reliance