Mastering Transformation
Mastering Transformation
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What Transforms Us towards Wellbeing?

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What Transforms Us towards Wellbeing?

Do we think about our wellbeing at all? Yes, of course, we do. But when and how often do we really remember about its essential place in our lives? Do we keep wellbeing in our minds when we launch a car in the space, when we race for profit, or when we trade our cultures and values? What about our cities – the spaces many live in each day? Can urban forms augment human nature to help everyone transforming towards better lives?

This thought-provoking talk will expand beliefs about ways how emerging technologies can transform societies and businesses already today. It will provide sharper understanding on how the Theory of Transforming Wellbeing empowers us to create innovations that make our envisioned changes but also oftentimes inevitable changes last. The theory is applicable to multiple domains, including business, governance, health, sustainability, education, safety, security, equality, economy, and more.

Panel discussion

Creating Businesses as Part of Our Wellbeing


How to Succeed with Transforming Lives and Businesses?

Have you ever tried to change something in yourself or others? How many times you have had a New Year’s resolution that succeeds? Most of us strive for better lives and try our best to achieve changes. However, we rarely get to celebrate victories in really transforming our habits, behaviors, and thoughts, thus changing our lives and businesses for good. This masterclass blends science and practice to help participants gaining rich understanding on how transformation works, what are its essential components, how to design and apply influential strategies, what novel technologies (e.g. artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and advanced sensing) are effectively facilitating change process, and what to do first thing each morning. Most of us already want changes for better. What we oftentimes miss is to know how to make such transformations succeed. This masterclass will help you develop and internalize the necessary competences.