Mastering Transformation
Mastering Transformation
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  • Club de l'Etoile 14 Rue Troyon Paris, Île-de-France, 75017 France (map)

Demystifying Transformation

Majority of global problems are byproducts of poor human attitude and behavior. Often people find reasons outside themselves for why we have such environmental issues and cultural segregation. We tend to see changes as something difficult, impossible, and mystical, thus something to avoid. Such attitude naturally leads to questionable choices and consequent results. This talk will demystify human change and reveal the secrets of transformation, thus making it easy for everyone to apply globally.

Demystifying Human Change: Transformation Made Easy for Everyone

People, businesses, communities, societies, basically everyone needs help with transforming their lives and activities. Many want to permanently change or walk the path of sustainable transformation, but we also know how often our new year's resolutions end in February. People are often unsuccessful with transformation because they don't have knowledge about it, and thus it seems mystical to many. This talk will revolutionize this aspect by introducing:

  • Transforming Wellbeing Theory — that explains the essentials of and the inevitable need for global transformations (Stibe et al. 2019),

  • Typology of Change — that clarifies the variety of changes and provides ways to consciously separate them (Stibe et al. 2019),

  • Transforming Framework — that contains 8 applicable tools for immediate use (Stibe et al. 2019), and

  • Transforming Sociotech Design — that bends technological innovations with human nature to empower sustainable changes at scale (Stibe et al. 2018, Stibe & Larson 2016).

Our world is going crazy, so what? Therefore, this talk will reveal how the Transforming Wellbeing Theory & Practice is emerging as an inevitable response to the ever-growing imbalance in our lives across the globe. Over the decades, we have been advancing technologies to make our lives better. The fundamental question still remains: with all the evolving innovations, are we gaining decent success in achieving happier and more sustainable societies? Every crucial domain of our lives continuously provides evidence of how things are getting imbalanced despite us making huge progress in building increasingly capable technological innovations, such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, augmented reality, autonomous vehicles, and drones, just to name a few. The talk will provide scientific insights and practical applications to transform lives at global scale. Due to its strong fundament that intertwines technological innovations with human nature, this work is applicable in many essential life contexts, including health, education, sustainability, equality, governance, safety, emergency, management, marketing, ecology, economy, and dwelling.