Mastering Transformation
Mastering Transformation

Transformation is not mystical. Revealing 3 types of change.

This video introduces the Transforming Framework that empowers business to achieve sustainable organizational transformations. The framework demystifies business transformation and makes it easy for you to implement. All tools are crafted and validated by the global thought leader on science-driven transformation - Prof. Dr. Agnis Stibe.

Just like everyone of us, each business has its own resolutions every year. Here is how to make envisioned transformations be sustainably successful? More:

My dear mentor and friend Mike Kilgore and his work dedicated to the New World Collaborative not only have helped me to experience profound growth, but also have significantly improved the lives of many people. Mike will walk you through any essential life-changing transformation with ease and confidence.

Have you noticed those repeating resolutions that return each year on January 1st? They look like a new beginning, which is very illusory, as you might have guessed by now. More:
You might often think about what's reality, right? Everything that's in your mind is real to you, and that's where you attach meanings to what is. That's the reality, the one and only - for you! More:
Far too often we don't realize that the only addiction there actually is - is from our feelings - be they about others, ourselves, things, experiences, or basically anything. More: