Ideal Mind

By Horace Fletcher

Happiness as Found in Forethought Minus Fearthought

How to be happy is the one desire common to all humanity.

In highly civilized life there is everything to encourage, and there should be nothing to prevent, happiness. The normal condition of man in civilized life is that of happiness.

The object of Life is Growth.

Harmony is the condition favorable and necessary to growth. Harmony is the normal condition of Nature, as proven by the unfailing and immediate response of growth to its influence. Harmonic conditions are created by the removal of deterrents to growth.

Mind is the first essential in the growth of Man.

A healthy mind insures a healthy body, and a rational cultivation of the mind cannot fail to result in the attainment of the highest ideals.

Happiness is the evidence and fruit of Growth.

Acts are thoughts realized. Forethought is an essential aid to Growth. Fearthought is the cause of all deterrents to growth in Man. Forethought minus Fearthought is the ideal Mind Equipment.

Fearthought serves no useful purpose; neither is it a necessary infliction of intelligent, civilized manhood or womanhood.


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