Advanced Neurological Decision Making

By Mike Kilgore at Transforming IMBA Program

Mike teaches this fundamental course remotely from Florida. He says, “Everything you do requires a decision. Therefore, decision-making is the foundation for everything! The degree of your success in life will be determined by the quality of your decisions!”

His course addresses two parts, elite traditional conscious decision-making routines and the new discoveries regarding inherited internal subconscious brain decision-making algorithms. Past students have said, “It was intellectually demanding, dynamic, inspiring and it has profoundly changed the course of my life.” Mike’s teaching style and content has been labeled extraordinary by his students.

It is true, your career and personal success will be determined by the decisions you will make. We at ESLSCA, will give you the knowledge and skills to make remarkable decisions yielding a life full of unlimited successes!

Come and join Mike, me, and all our other powerful and dedicated professors at ESLSCA Business School Paris. You will also be surrounded by other remarkably bright students who will become trusted valuable business friends and advisors for life!

See you soon in Paris!

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