Is Social Change Possible?

Information Technology for Social Innovation: Global IT for Social Inclusion and Transformation.

Social and environmental problems have been increasing rapidly worldwide. Climate change, epidemic diseases, aging societies, unhealthy lifestyles, increasing inequality within and between societies, global energy wars, large scale immigration and racial or gender-based discrimination are examples from the ever-growing list of problems of the modern age. Conventional innovations are unable to solve such fundamental societal challenges, as costs and benefits of innovation are mostly distributed unequally amongst different parts of a society (Guth, 2005). Social Innovation has been offered as an alternative for attempting the most pressing issues of contemporary societies (Howaldt & Swarz, 2010; Hochgerner, 2012). Moreover, well-designed Socially Influencing Systems (SIS) can empower communities to achieve their wellbeing goals by permanently transforming their lifestyles (Stibe & Larson, 2016).

The call for scientific papers in the Special Issue of Journal of Global Information Technology Management (JGITM).

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